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New annuities in Uzbekistan

As of September 9, 2008 the Uzbek Patent Office has introduced a new method for calculating annuities.

According to the new regulations, annuities no more become due blockwise for several years, but on a yearly basis. 

Annuities still become due only for registered patents, starting from the third year after the (international) filing date. Accumulated annuities, if any, have to be paid only upon registration.

The deadline for the payment of annuities is now calculated from the (international) filing date, not, as previously, from the registration date.

For patents granted before September 9, 2008 special regulations were introduced. The annuities (protection period: 1 year) fall due the next time as of the registration date (i.e. as of the day from which the new period would start according to the old Law). Afterwards (in the next year) the calculation point for the due date is swiched to the application date.