Uzbekistan, with a population of around 33 million, is the third most populous state of the former Soviet Union. Only Russia and Ukraine have larger populations. Uzbekistan is the only Central Asian state bordering all of the other states in this region and is therefore destined to be an economic centre and transport hub for the region.

After Uzbekistan gained independence on 1 June 1991, it quickly established its own system for protecting intellectual property. Uzbekistan is, amongst other things, a signatory of the PCT and the Protocol to the Madrid Trademark Agreement, so legal protection of both patents and trademarks can be sought through national and international routes. Since Uzbekistan is not a signatory of the European or the Eurasian Patent Convention, the patent grant procedure is carried out exclusively through the national patent office in Russian.

Through our team in Tashkent, which is currently made up of 4 patent and trademark attorneys and one administrator, we have been offering our clients expert advice and representation in all areas of industrial property protection in Uzbekistan without the cost of an intermediary since 2001.


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